Ever heard of the name Ashley Alexandra Dupre? Probably not.

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But when you hear about former attorney general Elliot Spitzer’s high priced hooker, then you will probably have memories of hearing about the story. When it is said that no advertising is bad advertising, she would seem like the ultimate test wouldn’t she? She was a prostitute, sleeping with a married, high profile man. As far as getting a good reputation, we could say she had a disastrous start right?

But turns out, she is now doing better than ever. She has her own website, is launching her first record, is being invited to celebrity events, is being lured to write an autobiography, etc. I find it very interesting to see how well she is doing and to me, this is one of those ultimate examples that one of the only things worth doing for a corporation on the internet is to get attention. She has had some success with her song releases so far, giving interviews to the NY Post and would be sure to sell millions if she ever does write that book.

We had discussed Puma’s new stock index and if it would really pay off. I do see links between the two stories. One sure thing is that Puma cares more about getting attention for now than about actually selling clothes and that is probably a clever strategy. Will Nike and Adidas one day be playing catch up on the web or regret not being aggressive or edgy enough?

In my opinion, too many corporations worry about the impact of different possibilities on the internet when in fact, it is important to live on the edge, in order to even have a shot of being talked about, gaining attention and hopefully going viral. In a past column, I had discussed how I believed Pepsi was using the web much more efficiently than Coca-Cola and I believe it can have an important impact. Companies like GoDaddy are able to generate a lot of buzz and get their name out there while others spend many times more on marketing without much results…

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