Dear Republicans, Stop Fooling Around

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john_boehnerI’m generally able to remain out of politics on this blog and while I’m clearly for lower taxes, less government intervention, etc. I do still think many democrat ideas or concepts make sense. So yes, you could say that I’m fairly independent. I will likely be voting Republican more often over my life than not but these days, I find it difficult to justify backing them. I understand Republicans frustrations with Obamacare. It’s a very expensive program and it goes against many core Republican principals. That being said, there have been several battles against Obamacare already. The last one of course being the last Presidential vote. Republicans made the vote largely about Obamacare and lost.

So the Democrats won that battle. Yet somehow, some of the richer men in the country have not given up. They created this great long term that would put insane amounts of pressure on Obama, thinking he would cave. There are many things he has done that I don’t agree with but this is not part of it. Just let the country move forward, work on bigger, more pressing issues. Believe me, those are easy to identify. I understand that repealing the program once it’s in place will be quite a task. That is what the public and government voted for though.

How long are we supposed to be debating Obamacare? Are the Republicans not making the case that the population should give Democrats power in both houses? Some years ago, both parties would fight hard on their arguments but then one side would win and they would then join together for the good of the country. A certain part of the Republican party no longer believes in that. An increasing number of democrats are now doing the same. So what’s the solution? Doing nothing until one party is so dominant that it can get its reforms through? That sure doesn’t sound like the type of thing that a world leading economy would do.

If that is how the government is going to operate going forward, I don’t see how things get resolved. It’s beyond discouraging but I do hope Democrats hold their ground on this so that everyone involved can learn their lessons… Maybe even that is an overly optimistic position.

What are your thoughts on this whole thing?

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