Billion in earnings for Tiger Woods

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tiger-woods3Tiger Woods is without a doubt the most famous athlete of a generation, if not of all times. Again and again, Tiger has proved how marketable he is and for that exact reason, an almost endless list of corporations are lined up to associate their name with the pro golfer. And thanks to that, he can command very very high prices from his sponsors.

Woods, now 33 years old, has now reached the billion dollars fortune according to Forbes magazine, becomming the first pro athlete to ever reach such an achievement. This came in a year where he made over $100 million in sponsorships which is now the average he is expected to receive. Even such stars as Michael Jordan as well Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher never went beyond $70M in a year.

It is not quite clear what Tiger is doing with all of his money. He does have a foundation but he has been fairly secretive about what kind of investments he is making.  And at 33, it seems like there is almost no limit to what Tiger will be able to achieve in his career both on the golf course and in terms of earnings. He does hang out with other superstars such as Roger Federer but up until now, Tiger has been in a league of his own in terms of earnings. If even an athlete like Roger Federer, deemed the best of all time in his sport, is unable to even come close to Tiger’s achivements, it is difficult to imagine what kind of athlete would have the best shot.

Do you think other athletes will one day be able to surpass Tiger’s current records? Of course, with time, athletes have been getting better and better numbers but it is difficult to imagine an athlete that would be able to be big enough to generate as much interest from the corporate world.

You can see a nice slideshow that gives a breakdown of Tiger’s earnings here.

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  1. Comment by OneDay — October 19, 2009 @ 8:00 am

    Wow Go Tiger!!!! He totally deserves it!!! To answer your question, I think it’s a benchmark difficult to surpass.

    The two athletes following are Michael Jordan and Michael Schumacher… but with a 4-5 years before hitting the $1 billion mark!

    Quoting Forbes: “The most stunning part is that Woods is only 33 years old–he might have 15 years of competitive golf left in him, and 30-plus years of designing courses. This is only the first billion for Woods.” hehehe Go Tiger!!!

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  3. Comment by loopzy — December 3, 2009 @ 10:07 am

    Thanks this was a good read

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