Bad timing for Google???

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googlehealth.Sometimes, a launch or a change has bad timing and that is exactly what happened to Google last week. I wrote a post about how a Twitter employee had almost of his Google documents downloaded and now published online. That was a severe blow to cloud computing and thus to Google, one of the companies centered around cloud computing. Well, call it bad timing but last week was also the launch of a new feature on Google Health that allows visitors to upload their medical records. They also would like visitors to upload their death wishes. Of course, imagine anyone, no matter who being exposed and having not only their entire medical history but also their testament made public. Nightmare? Probably a lot worse.

No doubt, health records is probably the issue where populations are most scared of security issues. I personally don’t think it’s so surprising to see medical records usually be decades behind other sectors in terms of technology. There is just so much downside risk involved in any security breach that the risks involved for any health or government in getting everything in a digital form have so far ensured that these records remained on paper sheets. Will that change? Yes of course. There are few doubters that technology could help improve the quality, speed and accuracy of medical treatments. But between a private secured network and giving the data to Google, which remains one password away, there is a major line.

It’s difficult to blame Google as it clearly makes sense for them to move in this direction, they have the perfect infrastructure. But I do think that there needs to be a lot more emphasis on security if Google wishes to move in that direction. Many options are possible, most of them could prove expensive. For example, they could have some type of digital tracker that could get thumb prints. There are probably dozens of different ways to make this happen but in my opinion the current security is far from sufficient. Am I the only here who thinks that? Honestly, I’ve generally been on the other side of the debate but recent events as well as the higher value of data that can now be uploaded on the internet has convinced me that more needs to be done to protect identities.

Since there is no “Internet Police”, governments are probably the most likely to be able to force change. Just last week, the Canadian government made its view public: “It’s clear that privacy issues are top of mind for Facebook, and yet we found serious privacy gaps in the way the site operates,”. Will we see governments get more involed in such matters in the future??

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