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It would have been incredibly brilliant if it had launched a year earlier but is still a good enough idea to generate buzz and excitement. This is a perfect example of an attempt at viral marketing. The objective of course is to get people to talk about the video as well as the idea. Then, of course, viewers will either send links to the video by email, Twitter, Facebook or even discuss it on blogs such as this one. It is an innovative way to get more eyeballs on its website.

I would say that this video has a good shot at becomming a hit and with close to 200,000 views on Youtube alone, without even having launched the product officially, chances are good that this will be a multi-million visitor idea, and probably considered a success. The advantage of course is that the costs are so slim to generate such a video.

Now the big question of course is if the they will be able to make a decent return on their investment. Chances are they will. Right now, they are collecting emails on their website as well as getting their name out there which as you will see on my post Wednesday, is always good. The saying that there is no “bad promotion” is certainly as true as ever in this internet era.

What are your thoughts on the Puma Index?

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  1. Comment by Frank — September 28, 2009 @ 9:35 am

    wow that’s cooool!! Hopefully the market will crash… hehehe

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