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Hello everyone, a few quick updates on the current trades:

Oct 22nd: Long AAPL: -8,78%

Oct 31st: Long EBAY: -22,81%

Nov 19th: Long BIDU/Short YHOO: +6,43% (including the half trade taken off earlier on)

Jan 9th: Long IDC/Short KNOT: +20,79% (I will close out this position tomorrow morning!)

AAPL: So far that trade has done better than the market, mainly because of the results that were announced yesterday!

So overall since in the past 3 months, including closed trades, picks are doing not bad:

Performance: -0,53%

Average compared to S&P500: +7,48%

EBAY: Stopped out of that one this morning as it reached the maximum 20% loss I’ve set on trades..!  All for now, I will update the performance of IDC/KNOT tomorrow at the open!

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  1. Comment by IS — January 23, 2009 @ 10:37 am

    Close of IDC/Knot at open was done at these prices:

    KNOT 6.88
    IDC 23.12

    Profit of 20.75%

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