Top International Dividend Stocks: August 2012 Edition..Which Country Dominates?

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There is no doubt at this point that dividend investing is not only a viable solution but also one that works very well as a source of passive income. As part of running the Ultimate Sustainable Dividend Portfolio, I did look into the benefits of adding international stocks and since I will be adding a new stock this week, I thought it might be interesting to look into some of the leading international stocks. Today, I started off my quest by looking for some stocks that:

-trade on US markets
-have headquarters outside of the US
-have a dividend yield over 4%
-have a price over $5

I did choose to exclude pink sheet stocks such as Nestle. I do know that some of those stocks can turn out to be good purchases but they are complicated and more expensive to trade and you might get burned given the different set of rules that apply to pink sheet stocks. I ended up getting a list of 37 stocks that I felt could be worked with. As was the case last month, it’s very important to always keep in mind where in the world you are investing. It’s very likely that any company in Greece or Spain might have a high dividend yield but is likely to decrease its payout following a general slowdown and difficulties in renewing debt obligations.

For example, seeing 3 of the top 5 spots occupied by Greek companies does not give me much of a temptation. However, the two others seem like potentially good ones. Also worth noting is the fact that many of the top companies in the chart are Canadian ones! I will be looking into most of these names in a newsletter within a day or two so don’t be surprised if one of these stocks ends up being part of the updated USDP portfolio. If you’re considering joining our free newsletter, be sure to sign up here:

Here is the list that I was working on today:

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