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We have discussed the nearly endless possibilities of ETF’s in the past and one of those possibilities is getting exposure to individual countries without worrying about taxes, currency conversions and other such complicating factors. It’s not a perfect way to do it, but it’s so much easier than what was available even a few years ago. There are many different countries that have their own ETF traded on US markets.

In terms of the leaders..

Top Market Cap:

No big surprise to see that the biggest ETF’s are US (SPY), Brazil (EWZ) and China (FXI) as those are usually the ones that most investors are looking to get exposure to. Brazil and China continue to represent good ways to get exposure to emerging markets! I was a bit surprised to not see Russia (RSX) or India (EPI) higher up in the rankings!

2010 Return:

As we discussed last week, Peru (EPU) came out of nowhere to grab the top spot for country ETF’s in front of Thailand (THD), Chile (ECH) & Indonesia (IDX). I find it interesting personally that the best performing indexes were not necessarily the big names such as BRIC countries but rather lesser known ones. Did investors rush in so quickly to BRIC countries leaving few opportunities for the others?

My Picks:

Here are my favorite names for 2011

India (EPI)
Indonesia (IDX)
Vietnam (VNM)

What are your picks?

Here are most of the top country ETF’s:

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Disclosure: Long EWT

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