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STRM – Streamline Health Solutions (Nasdaq) (Closing Price – $4.87)

The stock price of Streamline Health has rebounded nicely from its lows after fourth quarter earnings. The reasons for this increase were a press release announcing a new customer and a favorable report by an analyst.

The press release was good news but Streamline mentioned in their last earnings report that they had already closed one transaction in the first quarter. The press release probably was referring to that agreement.

Streamline announced that they were working on several transactions so another new contract announcement will be more significant. Barring another press release announcing a new customer I am going to keep my recommendation at hold. If they do announce another contract I would recommend buying more shares.

Last year Streamline Health announced first quarter results on May 22, so they should announce earnings in a few more weeks. I will provide an update after earnings unless there are any important developments.

Disclosure: I currently own shares of STRM.

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