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Time to get to the results once more and things have not gone much better. It has certainly been a humbling year so far. After winning last year’s edition, things have been going terribly in the first half of the year. The only positive is that I did gain a spot in the rankings and now have some fellow bloggers (very slightly) behind me. When looking at the competition, it seems like almost everyone is having a difficult time apart from Dividend Growth Investor. There are 6 months left and hopefully more than one of us will be in positive territory when the year ends. Did we all go for broke? Some us did but I certainly don’t feel like my picks were that risky.  Thankfully, my performance in the long/short stock picks on this blog have been much much better.

I guess one theme that has affected my portfolio a lot is China. I had no idea when 2010 started that China would have such an impact on Google’s performance. Had I known that, Sohu would not have been my 2nd pick. They are different plays on China but both have had difficult years.

Here is a more detailed review for all of my picks:

JJN    -3.14% : This trade certainly looked the most promising when I reported Q1 results, the trade was actually the top pick among all bloggers. But like many commodities, it has been slammed as fears of international sovereign debt continues to spread across the system.

UNG     -26.79% : Among all commodities, this has turned out to be one of the worst that could have been picked. Fundamentals for crude oil and natural gas continue to be difficult to evaluate but in general this pick has been a complete disaster

SOHU    -29.71% : Like the whole Chinese market, Sohu has struggled so far this year. Apart from Baidu (BIDU), Chinese stocks have had a very difficult time and Sohu has been no exception.

GOOG    -28.24%
: Very difficult to imagine that Google could ever lose this much in a year, especially when nothing terrible has come out. It’s not as if an accounting scandal had come out. But there have been worries about China, about its lack of growth, about competition from Microsoft’s Bing and many others. I still think the stock is a great buy right now but clearly in this competition Google has not been my friend.

So is it over? Of course not. Catching up is very much a possibility, and while the #1 position looks far right now, a top 2 or top 3 rankings is very much a possibility thanks unfortunately to the difficult performances by all of us. Without further wait, here are the current standings:

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