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On Monday, I hinted that the last quarter had not been great for my 4 stock picks. I unfortunately was unable to win a 2nd year. The competition at the top was very fierce but I did expect to finish in the top tier. Unfortunately, Apple, which was holding up my performance suffered a major blow in the last quarter which hurt me badly in the end. It does not look like we will be doing this competition this year but there are other very exciting things to come so stay tuned.

My 4 picks for last year were:

Apple (AAPL) +32,59%: It turned out to be my top pick and it’s a good thing it worked out as I had gone “all in” on the name… or as “all in” as I can get (I never put too much into one trade). It was a must buy and remains very attractive in my opinion. The stock had a great run despite the recent downward momentum:

Aflac (AFL): +26,36%: Aflac was a very attractive dividend stock, one that I added into the Ultimate Sustainable Dividend Portfolio early last year and which did very well. It remains a great name to hold, is very diversified and insurance remains a very steady business to hold

Intel Corp (INTC): -12,03% It was a difficult year for Intel, the company had to reduce guidance and seems to be struggling a bit in this new mobile world. I did take a new look into it for mailing list subscribers very recently and di not have a strong opinion one way or another. The valuation remains interesting but there are concerns which I will continue to monitor.

Travelzoo (TZOO) -22,74%: Travelzoo has a few different activities and did do decently well but growth has clearly slowed down as the competition remains very high. It clearly turned out to be a poor pick and is probably the biggest reason why I did not live up to my objectives.


You can see the results of my fellow bloggers here:

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