Still Alive! And Closing 2 Trades

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Good morning to all of you. First off, a big apology as I have been basically missing from this blog for a few months now. I’m not really going to try to explain, it was nothing tragic or that would be that interesting to write about:) Just being extremely busy with work, family, the kids, some travelling, etc:) I’ve not only been basically missing from this blog but have also not been trading much. And it’s been one of those tough years in the markets as well, especially in the technology sector which is not ideal given my higher than average exposure to the sector. Despite that, my bigger positions, Apple (AAPL), Facebook (FB) and TripAdvisor (TRIP) continue to do pretty well. Here is the YTD chart for those 3 compared with SPY:



TRIP is trailing but overall but they’re outperforming greatly. One thing that has not really recovered (yet) is the my long & short tech stock picks portfolio. It is more or less flat since the last update at -11% YTD and it’s certainly not looking good to extend my streak for another year. Especially given the fact that in recent years I’ve stopped adding new trades after the end of August. Given how little I’ve traded in the past few months, I’ll extend trading for an additional month this year. I’ll hopefully be able to open a few new trades and who knows, the performance might improve (or not!).

Before doing that, I will be closing 2 of the existing trades:

Long Google (GOOG) and Short eBay (EBAY)+Paypal (PYPL): This trade is actually standing at +13,4% but had been started as a GOOG vs EBAY trade and when EBAY spun off PYPL, that affected the trade. I’ll close it this morning and could re-open a new trade involving these names in the near future but as a 1 long and 1 short:)

Long Apple (AAPL) and short Blue Nile (NILE): This trade is a bad one and currently stands at -33% with AAPL having a tough time this year while NILE has actually done very well.

You can also see all of those trades here:

I’ll do more commentary in the coming days and weeks on these names!

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