New Trade: Long eBay ($EBAY) & Short Yahoo ($YHOO)

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I’ll start off by saying that this morning I will be closing out 2 existing trades. I actually have 2 trades that have returns over 20% and 1 that is below -20%. I’ll be leaving Long TripAdvisor (TRIP)/Short Travelzoo (TZOO) open as I do still believe there is a lot of upside. The two trades I’m closing are:

Long Dice Holdings (DHX) & Short Monster Worldwide (MWW) +21,02%: This is a trade I’ve done over and over but in recent months, Monster’s prices have gotten much closer to what I believe to be its value.. still happy to get this one done.


Long eBay (EBAY) & Short XOXO Group (XOXO) -24,42%: XOXO group is such a tough one to trade, I’ve been burned a few times and might remove it from my radar at this point. The stock is tricky to trade because of the fairly low volume and little news that comes out.



It feels great to be back in on the action today, opening a 7th long & short tech stock trade. As always, you can see my live tech long & short trades and performance here:

2013 Long & Short Tech Stock Picks

This week’s trade is an interesting one. I’m shorting a stock that I do believe in…s. You can see the numbers here:

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Long eBay (EBAY)

eBay continues to be one of the top ecommerce plays because of its dominant Paypal unit but also because it continues to make smart plays in terms of its mobile and auction sites. I did write a few weeks ago a bit more about my thoughts on eBay which you might want to take a look at.


Next earnings release: April 17th 2013

Short Yahoo (YHOO)

I’m certainly much more optimistic about Yahoo’s future now that Marissa Mayer is in charge. I do think they have a decent shot at turning things around but it will take time. She’s taking a lot of big (and needed) decisions which will be good over the long term but will cost money in the near to medium term.


Next earnings release: April 16th 2013

If ever any of you are interested in my technology stock thoughts and picks, I invite you to my tech stocks newsletter, it’s free and you’ll get an email bi-weekly with additional thoughts on many of these names:

Disclaimer: I will enter into the trade this morning but have no positions as of this time…

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