My 2015 Long & Short Tech Stock Picks

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$msftGood morning:) I know it’s been a long time but I’m hopefully back for good now:) As i had mentioned I did close the remaining long & short trades on December 31st, concluding a year that was very poor. Yes, the portfolio did decently compared to the market but given this is a long & short portfolio, the expected return for me is closer to the 5-10% range. These were the trades that I closed on December 31st:

Long Microsoft (MSFT) & Short Adobe (ADBE)


Long Twitter (TWTR) and short Yahoo (YHOO)


Long Facebook (FB) and short eBay (EBAY)


Long Expedia (EXPE) and short Blue Nile (NILE)


I will not spend too much time commenting those. The clearly bad one was going long Twitter which did not go well in terms of timing. In addition, with holidays I did end up closing this trade lower than I should have.

What’s Next:

There’s a lot on my plate for the coming days & weeks:
-Open 7 new long & short techno trades
-write a few updates regarding my views on some of those names
-Update the list of stocks I follow
-Work on the blog (it’s insanely slow.. I appreciate the patience in getting this fixed)

I hope all of you are doing well, expect more writing in the coming weeks!

thanks again!

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