Free Stock Picks – July Report Continued

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AgFeed is down quite a bit from my initial recommendation but I think this has more to do with the weakness in Chinese stocks and the stock market in general than it does with AgFeed. Unfortunately, the behavior of most individual Chinese stocks is heavily tied to how Chinese stocks as a group are trading. Since Chinese stocks are out of favor right now this is dragging on AgFeed.

However, AgFeed has given and reaffirmed very impressive guidance and I find it hard to believe that the stock price won’t jump right back up if the company meets its numbers in Q2. I think the selling in AgFeed is overdone and I am going to recommend to average down and buy some more (I am going to use today’s closing price for calculation purposes).

MCZ – MadCatz (Amex)

Madcatz recently announced Q4 results and came in with decent numbers considering the current economic climate. There may be continued weakness in Madcatz because the company is coming up on its slowest quarter. However, I think if you sell now you will be selling at a low price. Madcatz is currently trading twenty cents below book value and I expect the share price to recover later in the year. I would continue to hold.

SILC – Silicom (NASDAQ)

Silicom is set to report Q2 results on the 28th of this month. I will provide an update then.

SWIR – Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ)

Sierra Wireless is like China Automotive Systems. The company trades up after reporting impressive results and then sells off. I think this has a lot to do with the weakness in the stock market in general. I still like Sierra Wireless and I don’t see any reason to sell. I will provide another update after the company reports earnings later this month.

Disclaimer: I have a position in SILC. I do not have a position in any of the other companies mentioned.

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