Free Stock Picks April Update Part 2

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Here are the rest of my current stock picks:

SILC – Silicom Limited
The stock price of Silicom Limited have been erratic since my initial buy recommendation but the stock price is currently trending up. Silicom is set to report first quarter earnings on April 28 and I expect there will be a run-up in price before earnings. I will provide another update after earnings are announced.

SWIR – Sierra Wireless:
The stock price of Sierra Wireless has also been erratic since my last update but the stock price is currently undergoing a pretty strong rally. Sierra Wireless is heavily shorted and a short squeeze is already underway. The fundamentals of Sierra Wireless didn’t merit such a huge selloff and I think the stock price could easily rally to 20 – 25 dollars after earnings. Sierra Wireless reported first quarter results last year on April 26 so they should report earnings later this month. (You should also check out NVTL).

Short Recommendation:

SWC – Stillwater Mining Company:
Both Stillwater Mining Company and PAL have sold off since my initial short recommendation but they haven’t dropped as much as I expected. I still think there is further downside left and I would continue to hold your short position.

Disclaimer: I have a long position in SILC. I don’t have a position in the other stocks mentioned.

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