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Wow, you would not tell from my long & short tech stocks but this has actually been a very good year in terms of investing performance for me. That is because most of my income is invested in fairly passive ETF’s. That being said, today is another day where I’m closing some long & short tech trades that unfortunately didn’t turn out very well.

This morning I will be closing 4 of the remaining 5 live trades which are all at -20 or worse:

Long Expedia (EXPE) & Short Microsoft (MSFT)
Long Paypal (PYPL) & Short IAC Interactive (IAC)
Long Salesforce (CRM) & Short Zillow (Z)
Long Tripadvisor (TRIP) & Short Twitter (TWTR)

As is always the case, you can see all the long and short trades from 2017 (and previous years) here:

Over the next few weeks I will be writing a bit about what I think went wrong this year and hopefully on the long & short stock picks, I can turn things around in 2017!

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