Closing Trade ($MSFT, $AOL)

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Part of any good year of trading is a bit of luck and while I certainly think my abilities and analysis has been for the most part good this year, the results have been better than I could reasonable hope for. I’ve been able to close 8 long & short stock picks this year, 6 of them being for profits and my average trade has returned 12.4% so far this year. There is still a lot of time to screw up this average but I’ll enjoy it while things last. As is always the case, you can see my live long & short stock pick results here:

The 8th trade that I am closing will be done this morning as I will close the March 10th pick when I went long Microsoft (MSFT) and short AOL (AOL).  That trade currently stands at +27% after AOL reported very disappointed results.

The trade will be closed on today’s opening

AOL Chart

AOL data by YCharts

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