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google-fireGood news as I was able to reach my objective on another trade today with the trade on Google vs. IAC Interactive reaching 20%. Actually, since initiating the trade about 2 months ago, IAC Interactive has barely moved but Google was able to take a 15% swing upwards. The trade had been close to the 20% objective for over a week now but never closed above that threshold which was necessary for me to able to close my trade.

There is no doubt; I will probably be trading both names again soon, especially Google. The search giant continues to be very aggressive, especially in the mobile arena as it takes on both RIM and Apple in the smart phone battle as well keeping up the fight with Microsoft’s Bing in the search engine battle.

Speaking of that, the latest search numbers released show Google gaining market share from Bing, a reversal of the good trend by Microsoft’s new engine…

I don’t expect any other trades to close for a few days as none have reached +10% or -10%… I will probably be opening up a new trade on Monday but that might be the last one for 2009 if markets don’t remain as volatile… we will just have to wait and see won’t we:)

Our 2009 average trade has gained 2.85% as of today, very good considering the average of less than 2 months for each trade (meaning you could do 6 trades with your money and in theory get 6 x 2.85% + compound factor.)… But that is just in theory isn’t it?:)

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1 Comment

  1. Comment by IS — December 13, 2009 @ 4:33 pm

    Closing prices:

    GOOG: 594.68
    IACI: 19.02

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