Closing 3 Winning Trades – Including Apple ($AAPL)

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My 2013 long & short tech picks had done fairly well so far but the past 2-3 months have been even stronger. As of right now, I had 5 remaining open trades and this morning I will be closing 3 of those.

All 3 have done extremely well. The two first ones are:

Long eBay (EBAY) & Short Demand Media (DMD) +32,17%




Long Facebook (FB) & Short Rackspace (RAX) +28,76%




Some might be surprised to see that I’m closing out my trade on Apple (AAPL). Why? Because I’ve been arguing for some time about how much of a good trade it looked like. I will be writing a longer piece about Apple in the next few days but I just want to be the first to say that I still very much believe in the stock, especially with a longer term (1 year or more) time horizon.

In this case though, knowing that I’ll be closing out my trade in the next couple of months at the latest, it’s difficult to not take such an amazing return.

Long Apple (AAPL) & Short Travelzoo (TZOO) +71,52%



I no longer have my +20% stop limit on winning trades but at some point winnings should be taken off the table and that is what I’ll do this AM

Where Does This Leave Me?

I now only have 2 live trades and the average trade has returned 6.96%. Not bad at all. I’ll be doing more of a recap later on though.

Would you have closed The Apple Trade? Especially with an iPad event coming up?

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