Closing 2 New Trades (GOOG, ADBE, BIDU, RST)

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Good evening! Just a quick word to let you know that I will be closing out 2 stock picks tomorrow (Monday) morning as they reached the +20% stop! Not surprisingly, the trade where we are Long Google (GOOG) and Short Adobe (ADBE) which stands at over +37% thanks mostly to the impressive earnings that Google reported after Thursday’s close!Another good trade that is coming to an end is our trade on Long Baidu and Short Rosetta Stone which is slightly over +20%! Needless to say that it was a great week as the stock picks annualized return for 2011 now stands at +124%…seems too good to be true but hopefully future picks can keep it up!

Long Google (GOOG) and Short Adobe (ADBE)

Long Baidu (BIDU) and Short Rosetta Stone (RST):

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