Closing Trade (GOOG, EBAY) And A Great Year Trading Tech Stocks

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I had one live trade left and that one will be closed out this morning as the Long Google (GOOG) and Short eBay (EBAY) finally did pay off and as it currently stands at +23,55%, it will be closed on today’s opening at which point I will be able to confirm my final annualized return for the year (should be a bit over 80%… ).

WOW! I won’t say this often but I am thrilled and proud of my trading in 2011. No matter how I look at it, 2011 has to be considered a tremendous success. Here are a few numbers from this year’s long & short technology stock picks:

#Trades Done: 20
#Winning Trades: 15
Average Trade Return: +15,3%
Most Traded Name: Apple (AAPL)
Best Trade: Long Dice Holdings (DHX) and Short Monster Worldwide (MWW) +64%
Worst Trade: Long Amazon (AMZN) and Short The Knot (XOXO) -29%

In my opinion, getting an average trade return of even 5% would have been a very successful year so 2011 was well beyond expectations. I know that many of you have been disappointed with the fact that I have not opened any new trades since mid-August (the Google/eBay trade). It is also one of the things I like best about writing on this blog but honestly, I really feel like it was not by chance that I had been struggling in stock picks later in the year and I prefer (for comparative purposes) to start the year with no positions. But don’t worry, January is around the corner and while there will be a few changes, I will be back with new stock picks and am hoping to do even a few more picks next year. More on that probably next week. For now, I will just say this, if returns are anywhere near what I expect, 2012 will be an amazing year of stock picking.

Yes, I Do Have +/- 20% Limit On My Trades

Many of you might be surprised to see that quite a few of the returns are beyond the 20% limit that I usually set. The main reason for that has been having a trade near the limit when one or both companies announce earnings. For example, being long DHX and short MWW near the earnings ended up having a huge impact as DHX announced great numbers while Monster did the opposite.

Felt Like Playing Roulette A Few Times

One error I made a few times was opening a trade just a few days before a company announces earnings. It’s such a highly volatile period and while it also did turn out very well at times, I will be paying much closer attention to these dates in 2012

Coming Soon

I will be discussing a few changes that I’ll make to improve my trading results in 2012 either next week or the following so stay tuned for that. Of course, I highly recommend that you join the new technology stocks mailing list, it’s free and I’ll likely be giving more insights into my trading in 2012 on that list, just fill out the form here to subscribe.

Disclosure: No current positions.

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  1. Comment by awake — December 5, 2011 @ 11:22 am

    @IS: do you have a post where you detail your strategy with your long/short trades (e.g when you get in, what you look for, when you get out)?

  2. Comment by IntelligentSpeculator — December 29, 2011 @ 10:13 am

    hi awake, I’ll be sending something along those lines to the tech stock mailing list in the next few days, hope that helps:)

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