2 New Trades ($GOOG, $EBAY, $FB, $PYPL)

By: ispeculatornew
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Today I am opening my first 2 trades of the year As you can imagine, it will be nice to start from scratch following a not great year of long & short trading in 2016!! As is always the case, you can see past 2016 (and previous years) trades here:


Let’s start off by looking at the numbers:

TickerNamePricePE RatioPE Next YearReturn YTDSales GrowthAnalyst ratingBook ValueBetaEarningsMkt CapRevenue/ShareSales 5Y Avg GrowthEPS 5Y Avg Growth
EBAYeBay Inc29.6918.8514.389.1-2.253.516.111/25/2017$33,520,000,000.007.11-2.480.74
GOOGAlphabet Inc771.82N/A18.943.1513.624.8N/A1.211/26/2017$546,000,000,000.00#VALUE!18.7314.78
FBFacebook Inc115.0544.9222.0911.1743.824.6418.781.041/25/2017$336,200,000,000.006.449.44#VALUE!
PYPLPayPal Holdings Inc39.4735.0223.0310.3915.244.1511.77N/A1/25/2017$48,220,000,000.007.57#VALUE!#VALUE!

And the usual chart that I like to bring up:


Long Alphabet (GOOG) & Short eBay (EBAY)

I think it’s fair to say that times have changed at Google.. uhm.. I mean Alphabet. The company has doubled down on getting its spending under control and I think that was a smart and necessary move. Moonshots make sense and will remain part of Google’s core. I don’t think there are any doubts that some of them, including AI, self-driving, etc will end up having significant commercial applications and I am a believer in those segments of the company. But having no restrictions on the spending makes very little sense in my opinion and the cost-cutting that is happening will bring important benefits to the company. On the other side, I remain highly skeptical of ebay’s place in the online shopping marketplace in a world where Amazon’s dominance continues to increase month after month in almost every measurable way.

Long Facebook (FB) & Short Paypal (PYPL)

Facebook and Paypal are two clearly different companies and while you probably know that I have a deep level of admiration for Facebook’s execution, I also think Paypal is very well positioned and much more difficult to displace than believed by most. That being said, I do think PYPL’s valuation is very difficult to justify when I compare to how much growth Facebook is able to achieve. Yes, both are likely in declining growth periods but I do remain optimistic about Facebook’s position.

Disclaimer: Prior to opening this trade, I have a long position on $FB
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  1. Comment by Ken — January 3, 2017 @ 12:06 pm

    The chart is for different stocks then what you’re discussing.

  2. Comment by ispeculatornew — January 3, 2017 @ 3:22 pm

    @Ken – Thank you, just fixed that!

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