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Closing 1 Trade And Some News/Updates (AAPL, FIT)

By: ispeculatornew | Date posted: 11.20.2015 (5:42 am)

First off, today I will be closing the trade where I was long Apple (AAPL) and short Fitbit (FIT) from September 21st. Fitbit has been struggling big time and that trade currently stands near +52,5% which has helped me finally get closer to “acceptable return”. 2015 trades now stand at +2,30% which is now great by any measure and certainly much lower than the past couple of years but it’s at least in positive territory, especially in a year like this one where global markets are mostly down.

Apple vs. Fitbit was a pair I really liked and while I’m not as negative about Fitbit at these levels, I do remain more likely to short it than buy it.


This week I wrote a post on SeekingAlpha about Netflix and i continue to be a strong believer in its long term future, check it out here:

Also, several of you have noticed and contacted me about the site being so slow. I’m unfortunately very aware, it’s an issue with the database. I did try to hire someone to fix it but with no success.. I will be trying again in the next few days and will get to the bottom of this but in the meantime I appreciate the patience and feedback!

Finally, today I’m adding 2 new stocks to the list of tech stocks that I follow:

$MTCHMatch Group Inc (MTCH): Match is a spinoff from IAC Interative (IACI) that includes several dating sites/apps such as Tinder,, Cupid, etc.

$SQSquare Inc (SQ): The company you’ve probably heard a lot about mainly because it shares its CEO Jack Dorsey with a certain company named Twitter (TWTR)

I’ve been following both companies for some time but do not have a strong opinion on either and I generally stay away from recently turned public companies anyway so I don’t expect to trade either for some time. I will continue to track them though and will hopefully get a better feeling either way over time hopefully.