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MAMA – Recommendation to Cover

By: ispeculatornew | Date posted: 06.14.2007 (12:00 am)

MAMA – Inc. (Nasdaq) (Closing Price – $4.22)

In my last post I stated that I thought would fall through its support level. However, this hasn’t happened so I am going to recommend to cover your short position in if you have not already done so. may still fall but I think there are better places to invest your money. Also, the stock price of tends to jump up more than it should when the company issues a press release. Therefore, I think it would be wise to get out before some trivial announcement sends the price back up. (more…)

The 2007 Market at Midyear

By: ispeculatornew | Date posted: 06.13.2007 (12:00 am)

At the beginning of the year I gave my opinion that I thought the overall markets would be flat or down on the year. So far I have been proven incorrect as the Dow is up over 8% on the year and the Nasdaq is up 7%.

However, I still feel the U.S. markets have gotten ahead of themselves and they need to take a breather. The economy grew at a 0.6% clip the first three months of the year and the Fed is projecting growth of 2% to 3% in the current quarter. The growth in the economy certainly doesn’t justify the increases in the U.S. markets, especially considering the gains that were made last year. (more…)

HSOA – Update (Stock Lemon)

By: ispeculatornew | Date posted: 06.11.2007 (12:00 am)

HSOA – Home Solutions of America (Nasdaq) (Closing Price – $6.00)

The stock price of Home Solutions of America has taken quite a hit in the last week so I will provide an update of what caused this and where I think the share price is headed from here.

The initial cause of the selloff was an article written by which calls itself “Cintron Research”. Before I go into the details of the article they wrote let me give you some more information on stocklemon.

The people behind stocklemon establish short positions in stocks, usually companies that trade on the pink sheets, and then they write negative articles about the companies to drive the stock price down. They basically try to scare people into selling shares of the companies they write about so they can make money. The articles they write have to be taken with a grain of salt, or just disregarded, considering the obvious bias they have. (more…)

MCZ – Q4 2007 Earnings

By: ispeculatornew | Date posted: 06.10.2007 (12:00 am)

MCZ – Mad Catz Interactive (American Stock Exchange) (Closing Price on Friday – 06/08/07 – $1.21)

Madcatz reported very solid fourth quarter results on June 5.

For Q4 07 Madcatz reported revenue of 19.33 million and earnings per diluted share of 0.01. Revenues were up 12 percent compared with the corresponding quarter last year and earnings per share improved by 0.07 (MCZ reported a loss of 0.06 in Q4 06). Madcatz also reported continued improvement in gross margin (29.1% in Q4 07 compared with 28.74% last quarter and 1.04% in Q4 06.) (more…)