Weekend Readings – Congrats to the Miami Heat

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lebronI’m not a huge NBA fan but I’ve gotta say that it was an amazing final and what a comeback by the Heat, did any of you end up watching it? Congrats to Lebron and the others on another remarkable season!!

General Readings

-How the Robots Lost: High-Frequency Trading’s Rise and Fall @ BusinessWeek
-Investment options are not comforting @ CuriousCat

Dividend/Passive Income Readings

-Dividend investing will always beat the entire market @ TheDividendGuyBlog
-Dividend income is more stable than capital gains @ DividendGrowthInvestor
-Best of luck to Dividend Ninja @ Dividend Ninja

Tech Stock Readings

-Google (GOOG) internet balloons @ Wired
-Will Zynga (ZNGA) shareholders be compensated for their patience? @ SeekingAlpha
-The Genius of Uber @ Pragmatist

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