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Think raising taxes on the rich is the easy answer? Even Gerard Depardieu, the famous French actor is moving abroad it seems, as he just received Russian citizenship.. it’ll be interesting to see how that goes:)

General Readings

-The imprecise science of past returns @ LongTermReturns
-Have you created your financial goals yet? @ InvestorJunkie
-The Ninja’s year in review 2012 @ DividendNinja
-Studying the CFA in a digital era @ SmartFinancialAnalyst

Dividend Readings

-Best US Dividend stocks for 2013 @ TheDividendGuyBlog
-Kinder Morgan Energy Partners @ DividendMonk
-Thomson Reuters dividend analysis @ ThePassiveIncomeEarner

Tech Stock Related Readings

-Apps I used most in 2012 @ TechCrunch
-Facebook analysts stick to script @ WSJ
-A world without Google, Amazon, Apple, etc? @ MarketingPilgrim

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